Tomis Fortress
Tomis, Constanta of today, was established over 2500 years ago by Greek merchant seafarers that came from Milet ( Small Asia), attracted by the bay and the shelter offered by the peninsula, but also for the change of products made by the captains of the local population.
Aprox. 12.0 km
Museum of History and Archeology
The museum is placed in a monumental building built in 1911-1921. The museum of National History and Archeology from Constanta is the second institution from Romania (following the one from Bucharest), that has an impressive heritage and a good representation of the local history of Dobrogea from Paleolithic until the present.
Aprox. 12.5 km
The Museum of Popular Art
The main exhibition includes all the styles of popular art, spread on the different areas of the country, the museum having a national character. The place was built in 1893 and it is an architectural monument. The collections of the museum are: ceramics, icons on wood and glass, traditional clothes, etc.
Aprox. 12.2 km
The biggest collection of sturgeons from the entire world. Situated on the seafront, next to the Casino, the aquarium presents the fauna and the maritime flora of the Black Sea.
Aprox. 12.9 km
Started its activity on 1 st of June 1972, the dolphinarium was the first museum of its kind from Romania and also the first from the south-east of Europe. It is placed in the same building as the museum of the Natural Sciences. The dolphinarium was along the years an amazing host for penguins.
Aprox. 12.8 km
Being a part of the Museum of Natural Sciences, the planetarium of Constanta invites you in a trip in the hidden parts of the sky. You will be able to see the stars, the planets, the meteorites and the galaxies. The planetarium was opened in 1969; the year when the human made the first step on the moon.
Aprox. 12.5 km
Ovidiu Island
“The nature created Ovidiu Island thousands of years ago, people created the legends around it” Ovidiu Island is placed on Siutghiol Lake, at 5000 m of the shore and 500 m of the city Ovidiu. The island is one of the most beautiful place from the Romanian seaside, being the only touristic place situated on an island.
Aprox. 4.8 km
Carol 1 Mosque, Constanta
The Carol Mosque is placed in Ovidiu Square and it is the main building of Muslim religion from our country and also the most impressive architectural building. The mosque was built in 1913 under the initiative of Carol I. The main project of the mosque was made by Victor Stefanescu, one the most important architects of the XX’s century. The mosque was built by Gogu Constantinescu.
Aprox. 12.6 km

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